James Dunn is a 1980 Guthrie Oklahoma high school graduate.  He obtained his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma and his law degree from the Oklahoma City University School of Law.  James was admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma on September 13, 1992. Within the first year of being a licensed attorney, James Dunn presented his first Jury Trial on behalf of an injured victim.  James has been conducting jury trials for the people of Oklahoma ever since.  He has represented more than 4000 clients across Oklahoma and throughout the United States.

Here in Oklahoma, James is admitted to practice law in every State and County Court in the State of Oklahoma. He is also admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, the State of Oklahoma Supreme Court, the Federal Western District of Oklahoma, the Federal Eastern District of Oklahoma, the Federal Northern District of Oklahoma and even various Indian Tribal Courts.   Your case deserves an experienced and accredited attorney like James Dunn.


Time is of the Essence

During litigation, the time and availability of the attorney is a key factor for the successful outcome of your case.  Consequently, James Dunn’s has a turboprop-pressurized airplane that is owned by his law firm and personally flown by him.  James is an experienced pilot with over One Thousand hours of flying experience that he utilizes for clients just like you.  James has flown from coast to coast in pursuit of him obtaining timely effective depositions for his clients.  For example, during the litigation of various insurance bad faith lawsuits, James has personally flown to places like California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Boston, New York, Florida and Washington D.C. to conduct depositions on key witnesses.   In fact, James has flown the firm plane through almost every state of our great nation.  James Dunn became a pilot in order for his law firm to pursue the timely prosecution of his clients’ cases.  Rural witness locations are never a problem for James.  His ability to fly on a moments notice, and; his ability to pursue an extensive regiment of depositions in multiple states over a few short days will give your case the additional edge it deserves.  James Dunn has satellite offices across Oklahoma in cities like Durant, Woodward, and Sayre so that he can support his statewide clients.  James Dunn will serve you like no other Oklahoma attorney.


Personal Attention

Unlike many other law firms, James Dunn handles every case personally.  James has three full-time paralegals that personally assist only him and his clients.  This team of four people will be dedicated to your case.   James Dunn personally conducts every deposition and every trial for his clients.  There is no handing the case off to a younger inexperienced attorney. When you hire James Dunn’s law firm, you get him 100%.  He will be the attorney in charge of your case and he and his staff will give you the personal attention that your case needs for successful completion.

Established, Stable and Convenient

You should select an established and stable attorney to represent you.  James Dunn has been married to his lovely wife Regina for twenty years.  James and Regina have three children, a daughter, and two sons.  Regina is a personal trainer, jujitsu competitor, a pilot and homeschool mother for their two boys who are still at home.   James, Regina and the boys all fly together during James’ pursuit of his client’s cases.  This allows James to take the time necessary to obtain all the evidence without being pressured to return home prematurely.

James Dunn has been located in downtown Oklahoma City for eighteen (18) years.  Since 1998, James has owned his downtown Oklahoma City office building location. If you need to meet with James Dunn at his office, you don’t have to worry about finding or paying for parking in downtown Oklahoma City. There is private parking at his building for your convenience.  He and his staff will provide you with a professional and convenient place for you and your case.  Don’t hire some large impersonal law firm in the top of a stuffy glass tower.  Trust James Dunn, an attorney who will go above and beyond for you.