Protecting Yourself

Why do you buy insurance? To protect yourself in case of an accident or unforeseen tragedy! After 18 years of helping people just like you, James Dunn has found that far too often insurance companies are in the business of protecting their profits rather than their customers.

If you have been in any type of accident or sustained personal injuries, contact James Dunn immediately, so he can protect you before the insurance company tampers with the evidence. The procedure in which the matter is handled will determine whether your rights for recovery will prevail. Don’t be mislead, insurance companies follow the advice of their attorneys. They protect their massive profits by wrongfully denying and minimizing claims just like yours. Contact James Dunn today and protect your rights.

As your attorney, James Dunn and his staff do many things such as:

  • Contacting the insurance companies and advise them not to contact the injured person or their family without obtaining his approval
  • Photographing all injuries, lacerations, cuts, broken bones and bruises;
  • Photographing the scene of the accident as there are never enough photos;
  • Photographing the vehicles and/or equipment before they are disposed or altered
  • Interviewing all witnesses before the insurance companies contact them and attempt to manipulate their statements.
  • Obtaining an offer of settlement for your consideration;
  • Filing and prosecuting civil litigation and demanding a jury on your behalf.

The most important thing that an injured person can do initially seeks the appropriate medical treatment. No amount of money can replace a person’s body, physical condition or emotional wellbeing. The injured person should:

  • Seek a medical provider who specializes in treating the injuries sustained. It is important to select a physician who treats people that have been injured by the negligence of others. These physicians are highly specialized and understand how difficult the insurance companies are in obtaining a fair settlement. Physicians who are accustomed to working with people who were injured by a negligent person will generally wait for the insurance company to settle. If the insurance company will not settle, the physician will also testify and teach the jury about the extent of your injuries. General Practitioner Physicians generally will not testify at trial or wait for a fair settlement from the insurance company which causes further financial stress during your recovery.
  • Obtain psychological counseling and treatment for any severe emotional distress;
  • Obtain the appropriate testing, such as MRI’s, CT scans, x-rays, surgical consults, neurological tests and scar revision consultations;
  • Keep a journal of all losses, impairments, pain, suffering, change of lifestyle and expenses associated with the injury.

Insurance companies have trained professional claims adjusters who have one goal. They will attempt to reduce the settlement or outright deny a fair settlement that owed to an injured person under the law. Without representation by James Dunn, the insurance company will manipulate the evidence to avoid just compensation for your injuries. Without the assistance of James Dunn, DO NOT:

  • Speak to the insurance company;
  • Give a recorded statement over the phone or in person, or;
  • Speak to any investigators or persons soliciting information about the accident;

Your rights must be protected. Contact James Dunn today for help.

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