The term litigation means the formal preparation and presentation of a case to the Court and jury.  During litigation, every minute counts as the success of any case depends on the evidence being promptly and efficiently gathered and presented.  There are formal methods of obtaining the evidence known as ìDiscovery Requestsî.  These formal requests include written questions, which are known as ìInterrogatoriesî.  The request used to demand that the other party supply copies of their documentation are known as ìRequests for Productionî.  Another discovery tool is a Subpoena for Records which causes a non-party or business to present documents that may relate to your case.  There are many other common sense things that must be completed by your attorney, such as: viewing the scene of an accident; interviewing the witnesses, and; looking for other similar wrongful acts committed by the other side, who is referred to as ìthe Defendantî.  After these very important initial steps of the litigation process have been completed, James Dunn will  begin taking depositions of the Defendant and their key witnesses who may be called to testify at the time of trial.   A deposition is a formal setting where the witness testifies in front of a Court Reporter.  The method of recording the cross-examination of the Defendant and their witnesses during their deposition is crucial to your case.  James Dunn is a master at conducting video depositions in addition to using a Court Reporter.

Video Depositions

People who serve on a jury are known as Jurors.  The entire trial must be organized and presented with the Jurors in mind.  Oklahoma’s qualifications to become a Juror is:  One, that the Juror must be eighteen years of age; Two, that the Juror must live in the County where the trial will be held, and; Three, that the Juror must have a valid Oklahoma drivers license.  Consequently, our Jurors come from all walks of life and range anywhere from 18 years old through 90 years of age.  Therefore, how the evidence is presented to the Jury is of vital importance.  For the last twenty-two years, James Dunn has been on the cutting edge of Courtroom Technology in order to present the evidence clearly, simply and efficiently for the Jury.  James Dunn and his Court Reporter have pioneered the use of computer based presentation software to capture on screen evidence during the video depositions of key witnesses.   James Dunn uses this technology in trial to show the Jury every important issues of the case along with the verbal testimony.  Remember, ìA picture is worth a thousand words.

For example, here is a small portion of a video examination James Dunn conducted on a Defendant who denied that she drove her car into James’ client.  James’ client was driving the Chevy pickup and the Defendant claimed that the pickup hit her.  In this case, the Jury provided a verdict four (4) times the amount of the Insurance Company offered before the jury verdict.

Car Crash Video

Here is a video examination James Dunn conducted a supervisor of Farmers insurance company who refused to pay a client’s medical bills from an automobile accident.  This portion of the video deposition testimony allows the Jury to see and hear that the Defendant agreed with the various duties of good faith and fair dealing that applied in that particular case.  Every bad faith action has its own particular duties of good faith and fair that are at issue.  James Dunn’s skill in technology and his knowledge of the law will ensure that your case is presented to a jury in the best possible manner.

Duties of Good Faith Video

Don’t allow just anyone to prepare your case for trial.  James Dunn has the personal expertise, ability and experience to preserve the evidence in a manner that most attorneys fail to use or understand.  You want the Jury to fully understand every part of your case before they go into the jury room to decide your verdict.  

Here is a video clip of the adjuster who refused to pay the benefits.  With James’ examination of the adjuster and showing the jury the language of the insurance policy, there is little doubt the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing was breached.  

Policy Language Video

Your case deserves an attorney who will go the extra mile to educate the jury in a manner that they can hear and see.  James Dunn has the skill and knowledge to present the case to a jury in a manner that the jury will understand.  Don’t trust your case to just anyone; James Dunn is the right attorney for you.

James Dunn

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